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  • Jul 17,2017

    Hotels & airlines will let you use that piece of paper as your ID. I've travelled before in China with mine & not had a problem

  • Jul 15,2017

    Option B used to work for me, but I haven't tried it in a year or so.


    Option C - ask a Chinese person to do an International Transfer direct to bank account from Alipay.

  • Jul 09,2017


    The above map shows the distribution of non-religious population by countries, with china being the world's most....

  • Jul 04,2017

    You'd already written this good advice...seems some posters don't bother reading!

  • Jul 04,2017

    Unfortunately we can't, the embassy isn't very useful

  • Jun 22,2017
  • Jun 22,2017

    You're not wrong Ted, but I think predictable is a better word than understandable.


    Back when China hosted the Olympics, the torch was going through France and some group was there protesting the Chinese Government. It's France, so they had the right to be there and there was probably no way to stop them even if anyone cared enough to want to.



  • Jun 14,2017

    Bump to remind people to put their experience here

  • Mar 13,2017

    That would be an awful experience.


    I would call your embassy asap, they might be able to suggest something or give you a temporary replacement or something. I'm sure they would have seen this before.

    You may also need something from the PSB to say that you still have a valid visa in order to leave the country. Do you at least have a copy of your visa and passport...

  • Mar 09,2017

    If all you are saying is true (and by this I do not imply you lied, please), why do you want to renew a work visa if you have a spouse temporary residence permit? To my knowledge, the work visa that you had expired 30 days after you entered China. Your temporary residence permits took over your expired visa, then later on I am assumiung yo9u got married and had your temporary residence...

  • Mar 04,2017

    2 years ago I made the mistake of working on a Q1 visa. The recruiting company from Beijing told me I could. Hey! this was a Chinese company in the capital city of China telling me it was okay. Okay! so I was naive, I didn't know SOME Chinese people tell lies! I got caught at the end of May. I was lucky. When the PSB saw my passport they saw 4 work visas for different colleges. They let me off...

  • Mar 01,2017

    That must have been a village doctor, my sons was pain free and only sore after the pain meds wore off.

  • Feb 24,2017


    Since 1851, the name Singer has been...

  • Feb 22,2017

    Recent review on School by former FT:




    Another one from 2012:


  • Feb 22,2017

    Yes, if you are working in China, it doesn't matter if you were say a math teacher, now your degree would NOT have to be earned in an English speaking country because you are not teaching ESL. But you would still need to go through the new ABC Talent Visa deal and yes China might refuse your application based on where you are from. They are picky on passports these days.

  • Feb 21,2017

    Rules are not same. For example only teachers from English speaking countries will be able to get a visa starting from April 2017 . However , ayis don't need to be from English speaking countries to work in China .

  • Feb 18,2017

    Weird jobs you say? China has plenty.


    The guys who work in bath houses and whose job it is to scrub guys down... that's got to suck.

    I've seen it. There will be a (usually fat) naked dude lying on a table, and the scrubber who is also near naked goes over him top to bottom with what looks like a scouring glove. They get right in there..lift the nuts, spread the...

  • Feb 17,2017

    Have been using it regularly in Shanghai - highly recommend it !

  • Feb 16,2017

    You can but only if you are a very good candidate for what the job is already. It's not necessarily going to be any easier at this point than doing it at home.


    For example I have a bachelors in finance from a good university back home. I graduated in 2010 and there were no jobs. I taught ESL for a few months and absolutely despised every second of it but used the time to...

  • Feb 15,2017

    Unfair. Yup.


    I have been here 5 years now, and I still have stuff in storage in the UK.




    Because I am not allowed to import it.  I have a tool kit in a roller cabinet worth 5k GB. Not allowed to bring it here.  But I could export crap spanners to the UK no problem if I wanted to.  Flood the market with crap but...