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  • Feb 18,2017

    Weird jobs you say? China has plenty.


    The guys who work in bath houses and whose job it is to scrub guys down... that's got to suck.

    I've seen it. There will be a (usually fat) naked dude lying on a table, and the scrubber who is also near naked goes over him top to bottom with what looks like a scouring glove. They get right in there..lift the nuts, spread the...

  • Feb 17,2017

    Have been using it regularly in Shanghai - highly recommend it !

  • Feb 16,2017

    You can but only if you are a very good candidate for what the job is already. It's not necessarily going to be any easier at this point than doing it at home.


    For example I have a bachelors in finance from a good university back home. I graduated in 2010 and there were no jobs. I taught ESL for a few months and absolutely despised every second of it but used the time to...

  • Feb 15,2017

    Unfair. Yup.


    I have been here 5 years now, and I still have stuff in storage in the UK.




    Because I am not allowed to import it.  I have a tool kit in a roller cabinet worth 5k GB. Not allowed to bring it here.  But I could export crap spanners to the UK no problem if I wanted to.  Flood the market with crap but...

  • Feb 11,2017

    Social networking is about business, you move in to small group, catch a break in the conversation, introduce yourself and give out some business cards and move on, if you find a potential customer, you go into a holding pattern and linger there with the conversation a little longer, then move onto the next target group. It's business, not personal, unless of course you see some beefcake on...

  • Feb 11,2017

    This is not something I know a lot about so I might be talking out of my arse, but I always thought that if a company wants to sell its product in China, knowing that it will be taxed heavily that's their choice and if China is able to get away with charging that tax while their goods may not be taxed as heavily in other countries can you really blame them for getting the best deal they can?...

  • Feb 08,2017

    I had the same thing.


    It used to be that as long as you had minimum six months left on your old passport they would just put the new visa in that passport and later, when you travel you just needed to carry both passports.


    But the last time I renewed my RP my old passport was due to expire about 6 weeks before the new visa would expire. I didn't think...

  • Feb 08,2017

    Doesn't affect you at all. Only affects those on work permits. Carry on as you have before. 

  • 9 .
    Feb 04,2017

    I do have 3 CC that work in China at places that deal with tourists, hotels, and some restaurants.  very limited opportunities to use them do. Merchants here do not want to accept them because they claim it takes months to receive money from banks. And I also have to message banks back in USA that I will be visiting China in the near future and to please accept my charges with a list of...

  • Feb 03,2017

    I know a few Filipinos that do this so the family can withdraw money in the philippines, but not heard of other countries where Union Pay allows this to happen. They can't get 2 atm cards, so they just open 2 accounts and move money to an account where they "express mail the atm card to a family member" and make cash deposits to the account as they need it.

  • Jan 21,2017

    probably 30 minutes and that was a couple of years back getting a crown and filling done.
    I have no problem recommending my Dentist in Mudanjaing .
    good work and a great price ..last year the dentist in Australia tried to over charge and service for $4600 aus .
    flights for me the wife and 2 kids return from Harbin was $2900
    dentist cost me $100 all done in record time...

  • Dec 28,2016

    What Spider says may not be true! It may depend on your government, etc.


    I know this from personal experience when I had my Criminal History stuff done by my friend. But then, I was able to get the criminal history done online and mailed. He then took it to my gov's Dept of Foreign Affairs, who then authenticated it, And then he took it to the Chinese...

  • Nov 28,2016

    Hi, I am Bhim Patel from India, Came to china for education in 2006 for my bachelor's in medicine and surgery, Graduated,went back,worked a while and came back again,started doing business,going great so far . Married with a Chongqing wife, Enjoying my life by being my own boss !

  • Nov 24,2016

    Unless the degree is in Chinese language... granted, it still won't be looked upon 'favourably', but at least studying the language in the country should imply competence over and above learning that language outside of the country.

  • Nov 08,2016

    If it's written into your contract then there isn't much you can do. The way companies can legally do it without putting in the contract is to have a set of employee rules mentioned in the contract and state you have to abide by them. They can fine you out of any monthly bonus but they can't fine you out of your base salary.


    But philbravery is right (weird!). I'd look for...

  • Nov 04,2016

    Haha, well I was in my China honeymoon phase at the time so you're sort of right.

  • Oct 30,2016

    these books are good to read as a story or go with a topic as well....

  • Oct 24,2016

    For any sign of the end is when we actually start hearing groups or small hand fulls of teachers reporting to us or us witnessing them say: "I was told to leave, I'm a B class talent and I was replaced by a new type of A class talent." ( FYI, We're a long long way from that, I do believe A class and B class talents will be changed or modified a bit after a year or so.)

  • Oct 19,2016

    It all depends on your definition of funny. In my opinion, it's rather scary than funny to observe how immature some people are. One of my Chinese coworkers has been questioning me today for 20 minutes about places in Europe where prostitution is legal, giggling like a teenage girl who hears the word "sex". Needles to say, he had this "I will finally score" look on his face. He is in his late...

  • Oct 14,2016

    See China Merchants Bank for Gold account with Mc/Visa logo ATM card. 50 Rmb monthly fee, if balance on the account is lower than 50k Rmb.


    You can use CMB ATM anywhere in the world, where Mc/Visa logo is displayed.

    If you're shopping with card outside of China, spending in foreign currency will be deducted from Rmb account holdings by 'spot exchange...

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A: Weird jobs you say? China has plenty. The guys who work in bath h
A:Weird jobs you say? China has plenty. The guys who work in bath houses and whose job it is to scrub guys down... that's got to suck.I've seen it. There will be a (usually fat) naked dude lying on a table, and the scrubber who is also near naked goes over him top to bottom with what looks like a scouring glove. They get right in there..lift the nuts, spread the cheeks and everything. God knows why anyone would pay for that but it seems they do. Then there are the eunuchs who became high-ranking public servants back in the day.Nowadays I don't think it's very common for them to be high-ranking, I think most just became wumaos - but a lot of them self castrated themselves to get the job.It must have been a hell of a decision to make...if you decide you'd prefer to be a plumber or rickshaw driver after a couple of years on the job there's no reversing the surgery. The people who stand in front of a shoe or clothing store and clap to attract customers- sometimes they will chant in unison - that's another job I always thought was bizarre. The supermarket staff whose job seems to be to stand in groups of three gossiping and blocking the aisles so you can't go down them, you have to turn around and go down the next aisle that probably has a sale on shampoo or expired tofu that day. The 'English Teachers' who can't communicate with the foreign teachers, or even their students in English but will tell anyone who listens how the foreign speaker is 'wrong'.Their jobs seem to be to unteach whatever English the kids are able to pick up.It's strange, but they do exist. If you're really looking for a great career though I suggest being the worthless lazy offspring of someone with good connections. Being stupid will help your prospects a lot.You'll be given a job with a decent salary, pension etc and all you need to do is play with your phone all day and be you. You'll never be asked to do anything or probably even show up at the office. In fact they'd probably prefer it if you just kept out of the way.      -- Stiggs