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Do girls actually use Tantan here?

Asked by Daredevil, last answered 1 year 38 weeks ago in Relationships - Jinan 2 Answers 4 Comments

How to date with a foreign girl in Jinan, Shandong?

Asked by FrankOuyang, last answered 2 years 3 weeks ago in Lifestyle - Jinan 11 Answers 6 Comments

what to do to find a job in china?

Asked by clerge, last answered 2 years 6 weeks ago in Business & Jobs - Jinan 8 Answers 2 Comments

Need info on Jinan 2014 Dragon Boat races

Asked by cathyos1, last answered 3 years 26 weeks ago in Culture - Jinan 1 Answer

How do I find a Chinese tutor?

Asked by alexandrapegues, last answered 3 years 33 weeks ago in Teaching & Learning - Jinan 6 Answers 4 Comments

How do you think of the life in Jinan?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 4 years 32 weeks ago in General - Jinan 8 Answers

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A: Well with a population of 26,000,000 people and probably at least 10,0
A:Well with a population of 26,000,000 people and probably at least 10,000,000 motorized vehicles spewing toxic gasses into the atmosphere 24/7 kinda says it all.  Like Beijing I'm surprised people can breathe there at all.Barometric pressure today is average, so I don't think that is much of a contributing factor. -- diverdude1