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Is it really a double standard?

Asked by expatlife26, last answered 33 weeks 2 days ago in Shopping - Zhengzhou 5 Answers 13 Comments

Foreigners in Zhengzhou I am looking for you!

Asked by Mojot, last answered 50 weeks 4 days ago in Lifestyle - Zhengzhou 2 Answers 3 Comments

how much is a decent 3 bedroom apartment in zhengzhou henan?

Asked by nbmlord, last answered 1 year 52 weeks ago in Housing - Zhengzhou 5 Answers 6 Comments

Work Z Visa and Foreign Expert Certificate?

Asked by jkd, last answered 3 years 50 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - Zhengzhou 5 Answers 4 Comments

What are the best western food restaurants in Zhengzhou?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 4 years 39 weeks ago in Food - Zhengzhou 3 Answers

Some things are better left unknown...

Asked by mtomlinson, last answered 5 years 3 days ago in General - Zhengzhou 3 Answers 2 Comments

What is the best ebike brand?

Asked by piyush, last answered 5 years 12 weeks ago in Transport & Travel - Zhengzhou 1 Answer

How can I get a bus route map in Zhengzhou?

Asked by murphy903, last answered 5 years 18 weeks ago in General - Zhengzhou 1 Answer

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A: Hi, I am Bhim Patel from India, Came to china for education in 2006 fo
A:Hi, I am Bhim Patel from India, Came to china for education in 2006 for my bachelor's in medicine and surgery, Graduated,went back,worked a while and came back again,started doing business,going great so far . Married with a Chongqing wife, Enjoying my life by being my own boss ! -- bhimpatel