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New Passport Registration with PSB!

Asked by DerekMorrison, 5 years 17 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - China 6 Answers 5 Comments

Why can't I redeem points?

Asked by Dandman, 1 year 51 weeks ago in General - China 1 Answer

Raid in HK on Pro-Democracy Leaders ...

Asked by icnif77, 2 years 24 weeks ago in Relationships - China 7 Answers 8 Comments

Are chinese employers generous or...?

Asked by hamzaben, 5 years 9 weeks ago in General - China 4 Answers 2 Comments

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A: What is 'formal offer letter'? Only legally accepted employment o
A:What is 'formal offer letter'? Only legally accepted employment offer I know is a Contract! ... so, you just don't accept and sign the contract with the lower salary! Email exchanges, verbal discussions and other promises between you and employer aren't legally binding, so legal action isn't recommended. Mainly legal effective thingy is employer's stamped and signed contract! ... and after you ink it, employer can/will use your signed contract to apply for all necessary documents at Chinese governmental agencies as Working permit and all ... It would be better for you to not accept an employment with such an employer, IMO 'cause you'll experience similar troubles by employer won't respect the contract later on. -- icnif77