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A: Yes and no. There are plenty of people who get teaching jobs in China
A:Yes and no. There are plenty of people who get teaching jobs in China with no degree. However they're probably not legally allowed to be teaching. Supply and demand.  Schools who are hard up for a teacher will hire whomever they can get their hands on. Schools get busted regularly for hiring unqualified teachers. Years ago I met a guy in his  fifties who bragged to me how he got a job teaching at a university and had no degrees at all. He said he just had someone photoshop a degree for him. So it happens and people who are from non native english speaking countries get jobs all the time. But these people are going to generally make less money than native speakers or live in fear of getting reported and deported when someone figures out their work history or degree is bogus. So if you don't have a degree or work history this probably isn't an ideal way to make money. -- walternc3