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why does my wife call me a devil, to her friends?

Asked by anonymous, last answered 5 years 1 week in Relationships - Fuzhou 17 Answers Views:3714 12 Comments

what is agency no ?

Asked by anonymous, last commentd 5 years 11 weeks in General - Fuzhou 1 Answer Views:2566 1 Comment

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A: well,,,  just hope all newbies in China wake up real quick to the
A:well,,,  just hope all newbies in China wake up real quick to the idea of there are not really any 'road rules',,,  so, like the little Safety Films we watched in Elementary School said when u were a kid,,,  'look both ways before u cross the street'.  dat sh*t be true here,, haha,, and don't be too surprised when u see a car driving down the sidewalk,,,  cuz long enuf here u will see it a lot...   -- diverdude1