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Big Size Shoes in Qingdao ??

Asked by celticjames, 3 years 30 weeks ago in Shopping - Qingdao 5 Answers 7 Comments

Are chinese employers generous or...?

Asked by hamzaben, 6 years 36 weeks ago in General - China 4 Answers 2 Comments

New Passport Registration with PSB!

Asked by DerekMorrison, 6 years 44 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - China 6 Answers 5 Comments

Why can't I redeem points?

Asked by Dandman, 3 years 26 weeks ago in General - China 1 Answer

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A: 1. Find listing of Public Schools in China through any of the main sea
A:1. Find listing of Public Schools in China through any of the main search engines; Most or all Public schools in China have a web address ... 2. Send yer CV directly to the School's web address ... and WAIT! for a reply ... At FindJobs enter 'Public school' in search and ... scroll down the adverts and look for the advert where advertiser's and school's name are the same ...All other job adverts are posted by the recruiters ... Good luck! -- icnif77