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How does your city residents generally treat foreigners?

Asked by Robk, 4 years 8 weeks ago in Relationships - China 61 Answers Views:366022 28 Comments

who is behind such kind of videos?

Asked by nicholasba, 4 years 8 weeks ago in Culture - China 12 Answers Views:283029 7 Comments

Do I need a prescription to purchase viagra in china

Asked by anonymous, 6 years 15 weeks ago in Lifestyle - China 31 Answers Views:247331 13 Comments

"Beats by Dre" Headphones: Real or Fake?

Asked by Rakifi, 5 years 12 weeks ago in Shopping - China 14 Answers Views:160149 1 Comment

Get it together, ECC

Asked by Spiderboenz, 2 years 49 weeks ago in Web & Technology - China 5 Answers Views:149060 2 Comments

Anyone have travel suggestions for Thailand?

Asked by BrendanE, 4 years 8 weeks ago in Transport & Travel - China 14 Answers Views:141345 16 Comments

Sleepless in China?

Asked by tsonj, 4 years 7 weeks ago in General - China 12 Answers Views:125375 33 Comments

Do I look sexy and handsome? :)

Asked by Hulk, 4 years 8 weeks ago in Health & Safety - China 19 Answers Views:113731 33 Comments

Changing Employer, changing working visa

Asked by dom87, 4 years 8 weeks ago in Visa & Legalities - China 8 Answers Views:107109 26 Comments

What is the best cure for a hangover in China?

Asked by Paulberger, 4 years 8 weeks ago in General - China 32 Answers Views:105835 48 Comments

how do you think of chinese girls?

Asked by anonymous, 4 years 8 weeks ago in Relationships - China 44 Answers Views:99397 38 Comments

Have you ever made any major cock-ups in class?

Asked by mArtiAn, 4 years 8 weeks ago in Teaching & Learning - China 9 Answers Views:96523 15 Comments

Need a job in wuxi.

Asked by alanwu, 4 years 39 weeks ago in Business & Jobs - Wuxi 6 Answers Views:96117 2 Comments

Ever had 3 penis wine?

Asked by Scandinavian, 4 years 8 weeks ago in Health & Safety - China 8 Answers Views:85435 3 Comments

is this racist?

Asked by crimochina, 6 years 14 weeks ago in General - China 21 Answers Views:77615 34 Comments

Should China adopt chemical castration?

Asked by ohChina, 4 years 36 weeks ago in General - China 3 Answers Views:72562

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A: Wow, you really found that nitpicky talking point that elevates the fo
A:Wow, you really found that nitpicky talking point that elevates the fossil fuel industry to the same level as the interests of humanity. Isn't it all just a "liberal" scam, if you don't look too closely at the absence of logic? "Yes, it must be. My masters are hinting that that's what I should believe!"

You've made it clear you are consciously ignoring the pollution and global warming. Since your handlers, the conservative establishment whose dismantling of the carbon credit system and environmental destruction you choose to ignore, have made it clear you should bark in this direction, you are eager to please!

Such an admirably domesticated, dependable, subservient human. I'm sure your handlers will throw you a bone while they bring home the bacon for themselves. You're so obedient, you deserve a doggie cookie! Who's a good boy? You are! Yes, you are. U-S-A! Woof woof woof! -- coineineagh