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Why can't I redeem points?

Asked by Dandman, 1 year 44 weeks ago in General - China 1 Answer

Big Size Shoes in Qingdao ??

Asked by celticjames, 1 year 47 weeks ago in Shopping - Qingdao 5 Answers 7 Comments

Are chinese employers generous or...?

Asked by hamzaben, 5 years 2 weeks ago in General - China 4 Answers 2 Comments

Raid in HK on Pro-Democracy Leaders ...

Asked by icnif77, 2 years 17 weeks ago in Relationships - China 7 Answers 8 Comments

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A: Teaching English in China Requirements for 2022 (
A:Teaching English in China Requirements for 2022 ( This link will answer your visa questions. There is NOT a requirement for two years experience to be a teacher in China.  If you come with your husband under a different visa, make sure you have all the required documentation to get a Z visa when you find a job in China. It will make your life much easier.  To work in China, you MUST have a Z visa and only a Z visa.  -- nashboroguy
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