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would anyone like to learn Mandarine?

Asked by anonymous, last commentd 7 years 12 weeks in Teaching & Learning - Beijing 13 Answers Views:36567 20 Comments

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A: I'd say, most likely not ... You must exit China and apply for Z
A:I'd say, most likely not ... You must exit China and apply for Z at the Chinese Embassy in your native country. Now, if you will talk to the potential employer/sponsor of Z visa, they will certainly guide you through the right procedure. Z visa sponsor must apply for your Working permit and employer must state at the application, where do you want to apply for Z visa and all that must be approved by the Foreign Expert Bureau (I think, they renamed that org. ...). In old times (pre 2017), it was required to apply for Z in your home country's Chinese Embassy at your first Z application and after that, it was possible to apply for Z visa at the Chinese Embassy in Hong Kong's Wanchai ...  Whole Z visa application procedure is nicely explained here: -- icnif77