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A: That is a typical Chinese style blackmail! I wouldn't worry for t
A:That is a typical Chinese style blackmail! I wouldn't worry for the WP application expiration at all!WP application doesn't expire. It is either approved or rejected and that is known fairly fast, 2-weeks time the longest. I'd find another employer, Z visa sponsor ASAP, sign new contract and start with WP application all over again. You might also try and find out at which office your employer applied for WP and speak to them (.gov) in person. They have at least one person there, who understands and speaks English. I'd say, your employer most likely never applied for anything. Employers in China must hold an authorization certificate to hire foreigners. If an employer doesn't have such an authorization, it cannot sponsor foreigner for a Working permit and Z visa.Most language schools in China don't have such an authorization, because it's a costly thing to obtain for one ...You could also ask your employer to show you a foreign hire authorization certificate. It's an A4 format paper with text in Mandarin and several red-ish ink stamps.I've always wanted to see an employer's foreign hire authorization before I've inked the new contract. That prevented many shady deals employers in China were/are playing. See this: There are two web links on the bottom. Send them a message and find out, if that Chinese state org. can advise and help you. Good luck! -- icnif77