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Guangzhou Categories

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markets with western fodd in Guangzhou

Asked by anonymous, last answered 5 weeks 2 days ago in Shopping - Guangzhou 2 Answers

Where can I play carom billiards in guangzhou ?

Asked by EHABO, last answered 10 weeks 5 days ago in Sports - Guangzhou 2 Answers 1 Comment

What is living in Guangdong like?

Asked by rebeccalee93, last answered 15 weeks 6 hours ago in General - Guangzhou 8 Answers 2 Comments

How the new visa rules will effect a Z-visa extension?

Asked by iryna_keis, last answered 28 weeks 3 days ago in Visa & Legalities - Guangzhou 3 Answers 20 Comments

Need of money emergency

Asked by Azarudeen, last answered 34 weeks 20 hours ago in Money & Banking - Guangzhou 9 Answers 2 Comments

Accommodation Advice for Guangzhou

Asked by wrongpassword, last answered 36 weeks 2 days ago in Housing - Guangzhou 1 Answer

Is 8000 RMB a livable wage in Guangzhou?

Asked by daubin92, last answered 44 weeks 16 hours ago in Housing - Guangzhou 19 Answers 4 Comments

Record time for ATM card return

Asked by TheMud-picker, last answered 44 weeks 2 days ago in Money & Banking - Guangzhou 11 Answers 1 Comment

A Maths Question

Asked by Samsara, last answered 48 weeks 4 days ago in Relationships - Guangzhou 5 Answers 6 Comments

China entry/exit record

Asked by kova, last answered 1 year 1 week ago in Visa & Legalities - Guangzhou 1 Answer 3 Comments

which city is safe in china ?

Asked by leothelion, last answered 1 year 5 weeks ago in Health & Safety - Guangzhou 10 Answers 7 Comments

Complete lack of variety

Asked by LastTargarean, last answered 1 year 11 weeks ago in Food - Guangzhou 5 Answers 2 Comments

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A: It will depend on a lot of factor based on the new scoring system, did
A:It will depend on a lot of factor based on the new scoring system, did you try the new scoring scheme on wechat? Good to search on wechat and type it in and you'll find one there than test yourself and look at your score and see if you can improve anywhere to make the score higher, better start improving your chinese and hopefully youre in a needy city. Just for the record: ESL teachers or teachers of any subject will always be a B card Talent. -- ironman510