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Need of money emergency

Asked by Azarudeen, last answered 4 weeks 6 days ago in Money & Banking - Guangzhou 9 Answers 2 Comments

Beeing employed and Self-employed in China-Dutch citizen

Asked by avatarlzs, last answered 5 weeks 21 hours ago in Visa & Legalities - Guangzhou 2 Answers 2 Comments

Accommodation Advice for Guangzhou

Asked by wrongpassword, last answered 7 weeks 1 day ago in Housing - Guangzhou 1 Answer

What is living in Guangdong like?

Asked by rebeccalee93, last answered 7 weeks 6 days ago in General - Guangzhou 7 Answers 2 Comments

Is 8000 RMB a livable wage in Guangzhou?

Asked by daubin92, last answered 14 weeks 6 days ago in Housing - Guangzhou 19 Answers 4 Comments

Record time for ATM card return

Asked by TheMud-picker, last answered 15 weeks 23 hours ago in Money & Banking - Guangzhou 11 Answers 1 Comment

A Maths Question

Asked by Samsara, last answered 19 weeks 2 days ago in Relationships - Guangzhou 5 Answers 6 Comments

China entry/exit record

Asked by kova, last answered 24 weeks 3 days ago in Visa & Legalities - Guangzhou 1 Answer 3 Comments

which city is safe in china ?

Asked by leothelion, last answered 28 weeks 2 days ago in Health & Safety - Guangzhou 10 Answers 7 Comments

Complete lack of variety

Asked by LastTargarean, last answered 34 weeks 1 day ago in Food - Guangzhou 5 Answers 2 Comments

Hard Rock in Guangzhou?

Asked by Ludovico, last answered 1 year 1 week ago in Arts & Entertainment - Guangzhou 5 Answers 1 Comment

Disappointed in Guangzhou

Asked by Roshanturkey, last answered 1 year 5 weeks ago in Teaching & Learning - Guangzhou 9 Answers 10 Comments

how have chinese survived the mold for years

Asked by BHGAL, last answered 1 year 8 weeks ago in Health & Safety - Guangzhou 5 Answers 5 Comments

How many foreigners have actually tried to learn Chinese language?

Asked by Noel05, last answered 1 year 9 weeks ago in Culture - Guangzhou 41 Answers 23 Comments

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A: That would be an awful experience. I would call your embassy asap
A:That would be an awful experience. I would call your embassy asap, they might be able to suggest something or give you a temporary replacement or something. I'm sure they would have seen this before.You may also need something from the PSB to say that you still have a valid visa in order to leave the country. Do you at least have a copy of your visa and passport front page, or can you get one?  If you have been working here your employer would probably have copies. In the mean time, turn the place upside down trying to find your passport.Good luck mate.   -- Stiggs